Vijay Naiker + Clinton Farley

Queenstown, New Zealand /Engaged September 2008

Warragul / Engagement Celebration / April 2018

Queenstown, New Zealand / Getting Married September 2018

i've loved you forever

Our Special Words

dear love, I’ve loved you forever as best friend and partner. It’s been almost 15 years since we first set eyes on each other; from an initial walk along that sandy beach in West Auckland, to events like attending the Hero Parade on Karangahape Road. The months following, after we lived at different ends of the country made sure the heart grew stronger. So many beautiful memories, such as weekend catch ups, the move to begin our joint life together in Queenstown and Clinton’s bowl of goldfish aboard the Air New Zealand flight to Queenstown. One of those funny memories that would probably be seen
as a high security risk these day! Were they NZ’s first flying goldfish, one ponders?

September 2018 will mark our 15th year together and 10th year of engagement. We’ve been there for one another in good times and tough times; partners for life, inseparable. That connection that when one is away we both can’t sleep. We go and do everything together; I love you and miss you always, from the moment we leave home in the morning till we joinagain.

We became engaged at the most perfect spot overlooking Queenstown on 15th September 2008, well before same sex marriage became legal in New Zealand on 19th August 2013. Back then, although Civil Unions had become legal, we wanted the true deal (to get married), after all love is love.
We relocated to australia for work before same sex marriage became legal in New Zealand and to this date we haven’t tied the knot, because it wasn’t legally recognised in Australia until now.

In September 2018, 10 years after we became engaged, we’ll tie the knot back in Queenstown, overlooking the beautiful Lake Wakatipu, with snow capped mountains surrounding. Now that marriage is recognised for all in Australia, we’ll tie the knot just the once with an intimate 120 invited guests, around half being our Australian friends joining us to celebrate.

The Finer Details

Vijay loves to be creative in the kitchen, so we’ll likely challenge ourselves to cater the engagement party, with friends flying
in from around australia to experience some Warragul hospitality. We’re still finalising entertainment, cake and clothing – gosh, so much to organise before the big day!

Our One Piece of Advice

Every day is a new day. No matter what yesterday delivered, today is today; an opportunity to make new memories and impact, gone is yesterday!

A beautiful Love Story

PHOTOGRAPHY Jana Woodhouse Photography