Stacey Coles + Anthony Bland

Yarram / April 2017

my best friend

Our Special Words

"You are the Moon of my life, my Sun and my Stars."

To My Husband Anthony

The adventure we are on has been amazing. I love you with all of my heart. I am so happy you are the one to experience life with me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us now as Husband and Wife. You are my rock, my teacher and my comfort. I am so happy you are my Husband now and forever. Love always your Wife–Stacey

Our Love Story

Stacey and Anthony were engaged for exactly 12 months. Anthony proposed on a secluded beach (all you could see was sky, water and sand) in Tasmania while on holidays.

The proposal was such a surprise and this moment in time was such an emotional moment for both of us. I still remember how nervous Anthony was and how he got muddled up with his words.

We started our married life on 22nd April 2017 in a stunning private garden in Woodside. I absolutely loved planning our wedding and tried my best to keep everything local.

On the day of our wedding I wore my dream wedding dress which was elegant, romantic and had to have straps. I found it hard choosing my wedding dress as I wanted Anthony to love it, which he did. Our bridesmaids wore purple, which is my all timefavouritecolour.

The morning of the wedding was a bit of a blur. It rained in the morning which was a bit stressful, but by the time we had our hair and make-up done the sun was shining. Myself and the bridesmaids got ready at my home while Anthony was around

the corner at one of his groomsmen’s house. I had organised for Anthony’s brother to give him a letter I had written, along with a little gift, to show him how much I loved him. It was a coffee mug that says “world’s best husband” I bought him one in the beginning of our relationship that said “world’s best boyfriend”, so it was a bit special.

Anthony and I were best friends and now husband and wife. You couldn’t ask for more. Our dreams are to be happy, healthy, start a family and continue growing our house we bought together into a home.

Our wishes for the wedding day were to have good weather, fortheoldcartomakeitthereandbackandforallourfriends and family to have fun, a yummy meal, a dance and a few drinks.

My most amazing moment was having my dad walk me down the aisle (while he cracked jokes because he knew I was nervous) and then seeing Anthony waiting for me at the end of the aisle, as well as taking in and hearing all of the heart felt speeches and having my beautiful Pop there as he isn’t very well.

Anthony’s most amazing moments were me walking down the aisle towards him, being able to use his late Dad’s 1967 Jaguar as the wedding car which wasn’t running 12 months ago as well as having our fur baby (our dog Ollie) in the crowd watching us say our vows.

Getting Hitched - Our One Piece of Advice

Savour every moment of the wedding day as it goes extremely quick, remember its only one day and you want to enjoy it. Don’t stress about it and do what you want to do, not what others want you to do.

CATERING Brent Sinclair Catering

CELEBRANT Christine Skicko Celebrant

GROOM + GROOMSMEN'S ATTIRE Panthers Mensland, Traralgon

PHOTOGRAPHY Rebecca Farley Photography

RECEPTION The Regent Theatre, Yarram

A beautiful Love Story

PHOTOGRAPHY Rebecca Farley Photography