Deanne Symons + Todd Murray

Bairnsdale / December 2017

I do Deanne, I do Todd  

Our Special Words

Deanne, from this day forward do you promise to be worth Todd’s love? Worth the time? Worth the energy? And worth

his commitment as your partner in life? Do you vow to be Todd’s unrelenting cheer squad on the days it all feels too

much and will you comfort him in times of joy and sorrow, especially during footy, horse racing and cricket seasons? Most

importantly Deanne, do you promise to be the most awesome wife ever? I do Todd.

Todd, from this day forward do you promise to be worth Deanne's love? Worth the time? Worth the energy? And worth

her commitment as your partner in life? Do you promise that Deanne will always count and that she will always come first,

and of course, if she doesn’t for whatever reason, will you buy her a really good pair of shoes? Most importantly Todd, do you

promise to be the best husband ever? I do Deanne.

To My Husband Todd

Dear Todd, It has been a whirlwind with you and although we may have not known each other a lifetime, I certainly

look forward to spending a lifetime together. You are such a kind and generous person and so dedicated into making a

wonderful life for us both. I love your smile and your laugh and that you know just how to make me smile and laugh. While

we have done some amazing things together, the biggest and most exciting time is yet to come, when we welcome our little

boy in a few months’ time. I’m so glad we found each other.

To My Wife Deanne

Dear Deanne, I fell in love with your easy-going nature, your kindness and your great big smile. I quickly realised after

meeting you that your beauty is both inside and out. I am such a lucky man to have found you and to share all my adventures

with you. What a catch you are!

Our Wedding

Our wedding day was the most amazing day, even though it did pour torrential rain all day. The ceremony and reception

was held at Deanne's parent’s scenic property in Sarsfield. With all our guests huddled inside the marquee, we were

married in front of our closest family and friends with the beautiful gum trees and rain as our backdrop. Luckily the rain

stopped briefly whilst Todd and I had our photos taken. Our parents had organised a trivia game for Todd and I, to see who

knew each other the best. The loser was threatened with a watering can hovering above their head, ready to tip. Needless

to say, the bride easily won! Our parents gave amazing speeches, but Todd's speech was the best, as he announced

to our family & friends that there would be a little baby Murray joining us in the New Year. The reaction of our guests was truly amazing and heartwarming to see and hear.

Rave Review

Our standout vendor would have to be Albert & Co; they did an amazing job. The food was beautiful, plentiful and worth

every penny. Matt & his team were extremely accommodating to any dietary requirements and made the entire process so

easy for us.

Getting Hitched - Our One Piece of Advice

There will always be things that may go wrong on your wedding day which you can’t control. At the end of the day,

they are trivial and not worth worrying about. The most important thing is that you’re getting married to the love of

your life and you can celebrate with your family & friends

CATERING Albert & Co

PHOTOGRAPHY Erin Matthews Photography

A beautiful Love Story